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There are a few things as breathtaking as a luminous space filled with star light. For most people, stargazing has been something of interest since childhood. And if you’ve been looking for ways to enjoy the star lights, don’t poke your blanket with holes to mimic the stars or renovate your walls with galactic tile works. That's way too much work. Instead, a star light projector is just the device in charge to bring you closer to the real experience.

This article gathers the best 5 of the top star light projectors out there. As there are many on the market, you may get confused as to which star light projector would suit you or your loved one best. 

They come in different shapes and features. Some are stationary while others are easily portable. Some have extra effects for mood setting that’s excellent even for adults, while others are just ideal for infants or toddlers to fall into sweet slumber. 

Thus, this article has narrowed them down with useful reviews to guide you on how to choose a star light projector.



Top Star Light Projectors


1.     The Galaxy Projector


Galaxy Projector by Galaxy Lamps star light projector


Why is it the best star light projector out there? 

Because the manufacturer has used authentic NASA images to design and create this galaxy projector to project the real constellations and stars just as they are in the skies. They are so real you’ll think they’ve been plucked right out of the Milky Way.

Another reason this nebula star projector is literally the best is because it’s perfect for both kids and adults. For most people, the perfect light for sleeping is neither bright nor pitch dark. And as much as regular light manufacturers have tried to offer solutions for ambience sleeping lights, this Galaxy Projector will offer something extra. It'll create the right atmosphere for people of all ages with a really relaxing mood to lull them to sleep or even set in the right romantic mood.



The “Star-ndout” Features

The Galaxy Projector is an elegant show piece with 360° rotating dynamic projection, which most star night light projectors lack. You also have the option of controlling the speed of the rotation meaning this projector’s use can go beyond the bedroom area. 

Think about a night when you’re hosting friends or family for a fun evening. It can spin at a speed that’s just right to keep the atmosphere vibrant and exciting. On the other hand for a calming mood for your little ones, you can pick a slower, much gentle speed to sooth them off to slumberland.


Besides the speed options, you also have color options. 

Most other projectors offer only a single color or just a couple. With this star night light projector you can pick any colour from the RGB spectrum meaning endless colour options. And on top of  this exciting possibility, you can combine up to 3 of your favorite colors at once! Remember that house party? Yeah, this is how to get it lit.

What’s more? You get to enjoy the nebulae and thrilling ocean cloud waves projected on your ceiling at a ridiculously high resolution. This high resolution is something that you’ll not find in most star projectors out there. And the ones you get will cost you so much you’ll want to think twice.

Another brilliant feature is the option of picking the brightness that suits your needs. You can adjust it easily through the app. By far the main reason why most users call this futuristic star shower motion laser light projector versatile - because it offers endless possibilities.


Star shower motion laser light projector

And speaking of app, the ultimate reason that makes this Galaxy Projector the market leader is the smart integration component. This means you can control it remotely under WIFI mode. 

Your one-off set up process will only require you to install the app from either the App Store or Google Play. The app will enable you to access all the functions including the brightness adjustment, colour selection and the rest of the features. 

It also means you can link it to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and control it via voice. The manufacturers wanted to ensure absolute convenience and ease of use when enjoying this next generation Nebula star projector.


And as if all that wasn’t enough, they included a feature where you can save your favorite settings for anytime you want and you can even schedule them for a specific time in future. Thus, they’ll just happen without you having to move a muscle.

It’s a safe device because it’s made of eco-friendly PLA - material which is chemical free and odorless. It’s safe for everyone including you little ones. It’s small and needs no assembling. You no longer need to be outside with a telescope to enjoy the tranquility of the skies because with this projector, you might as well be.


2.      ANTEQI Star Sky Night Lamp


Star Sky Night Lamp


This multi-color star light projector is a great scenery enhancer when turned on. It needs four AAA type batteries to turn it on or plug it in a 5Volt power outlet using a USB cord that has been provided. The cord is not long so you might have to think of a power outlet that’s close enough.

With this said, once this little device is turned on, it projects beautiful stars on the wall. It has four easy buttons to operate with. They are marked A, B, C and D.

Button A is used to operate the timer, how long you want the projector to stay on. Button B controls the rotation function while button C is used to change the colour of the projection where you have the option of picking monochromatic shades or the more vibrant color hues. Finally, button D goes the opposite direction and tones down the projector into a simple night lamp.


This much simpler star light projector requires you to always start with button A to set the time for the rest of the functions including the lamp function. The other buttons won’t work until A has been set. 

It simply acts as a controller for the rest of the buttons. If someone does not know this when they’re starting the device for the first time, they might actually think it’s faulty.

But once the A function has been set, the star projector night light comes to life and the color combinations create an interesting ambient effect in the room and can be used even in a large room. The LED lamp also comes with different color options such as warm white, green red or blue.


This star light projector has a time limit of 95 minutes. This may be a little of a downside for anyone that may want the light effects to last throughout the night. With that said, this feature will come in handy because when your timer goes off, the device will automatically turn itself off without requiring the user to turn it off manually.

This star light projector is safe because it doesn’t heat up at all. It’s also small and made of plastic and this makes it light to move around. The clarity of the stars is not exactly sharp. But for the price, it’s worth it compared to similar star light projectors of the same price range.

It’s ideal for outdoors thanks to the fact that you have the option of using batteries to operate it. And it is very light in weight. So, if you’re looking for something simple and less sophisticated to do the basic minimum projection, then this will be it. 


3.     Star Master


Star Master

This is another star night light projector that comes with the option of using AA batteries or connecting to the 4.5 Volt power units to the rear. The battery compartment is on the underside of the star light projector. The USB port is provided but the charging cord isn’t provided and thus you have to buy it separately.

The Star Master has only two control buttons that either activate or deactivate whatever functions you pick. One button controls the white LED that can stay on throughout until you turn it off. The other button controls the colored LED lights which are red, green or blue and they light up alternately changing between the colors. This process is a bit too fast to be considered relaxing.


The manufacturer's concept is quite simple because even though the lamp itself doesn’t rotate, the base has marked or is imprinted with the 12 months of the year and it can rotate to give a near accurate projection of the real constellations on your walls. This is great for kids or even adults in need of a tool to get them started on learning more about the cosmos.  

It’s a simple star light projector with only a few functions and is stylish and appealing to look at especially when it’s on and makes for a simple yet inviting lamp option. At a good price, it’ll do the basic minimum of enhancing the room atmosphere and it’s also very small and thereby won’t need much space to use it.



4.     SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector


Nebula star projector


What is the best star light projector for adults with the heart of a child? This probably is a great  star light projector, ideal for babies and adults alike. It’s a sturdy little device equipped with more functions compared to the Star Master.

Once you purchase it, it comes with a power cord, a remote control, a sound machine and an AC plug adapter. It has Bluetooth speakers that make it even more interesting. It’s also small and portable, you can use it almost anywhere as long as the batteries are fully charged.

To start it up, you just need to use the on or off button on the device itself or through the remote control provided. This is really convenient for a relaxing moment. And of course the remote control will also allow you to reduce or increase the volume, adjust the brightness of the device to 30%, 60% or 100% and pick the colors you prefer. Or rotate the device and pick from the sound modes provided and finally you can use the remote to set the timer.


Speaking of controls, this little device has many functions that are also pretty easy to master. Besides the on and off buttons on the device itself, you also have the + and – buttons on either side. These may come in handy if you’ve misplaced the remote control.

This star storm light projector also comes with several colors that you can pick from. It has blue, green, red and yellow and you can choose the amount of night light to use. To go with this, it has natural sounds such as white noise, ocean waves, thunder or rain incorporated. You can combine these sounds with your ideal color to create a perfect ambience.

And if these sounds are not your type, no worries, you can connect your ideal music thanks to the Bluetooth function. It also has a timer function, so you can set it to the time you want, or remove the timer and let it run the whole night if you desire. It’s a small fun device. But unlike the superior Galaxy Projector, you will have to set your ideal feature combinations of color and speed all over again each time you want to use it.

This star light projector is of good quality. Plus, one thing that might be important to note is that the volume of the pre-installed sounds is not adjustable and therefore might be bothersome to someone who would prefer very soft noises. You also cannot choose more than one theme to project on your ceiling.


5.     YSD Night Light Projector


Star light projector ceiling


The last on our list is another beautiful device that comes with a USB cable for charging, a small remote control that will need 2 AAA batteries that you will need to buy (they would have gathered bonus points if they would have included them). 

There is no adapter and this means you will have to figure out where to connect the USB cable in order to be able to charge this device. That said, it does have a couple of great features.

According to the manual you need to charge the device up to 6 hours before the initial use and this can last up to 14 hours when fully charged.

The first things you will notice on the device are 5 control buttons. One of the buttons is for switching it on or off. Another button is for setting the timer for when you want it to go off after use. The timer allows for 1 hour, 3 hours or 5 hours. 


Another button is for switching the warm light that’s a yellow-white light from the lamp. The next button is for switching between the LED lights displaying green, red or blue colors. It allows you to switch between each of them or between two of them. Quite fancy!

 The final button is for rotating the device during the projection.

When switching colors, you can pick the effects of a disco ball or let it stay calm for a more serene atmosphere. At least this star light projector allows for that much.

These entire button functions can still be used on the remote, adding to the convenience. The only downside of this projector is that the projection cannot be focused. But it has a modern design, it’s small and offers quite a long lasting battery.



Final Word

There are countless nebula star projectors out there and picking the best or the ideal for you can seem like a daunting task. With this article we aim to give you a hand.

Some important features can act like a guide on the best star light projectors out there. 

You can consider features like the ease or convenience such as smart control integration where you can control your device via voice or app. You can consider the rotation feature for better effects to go with your necessities based on occasion. You can also look out for timers, color options, effects such as the star storm lights, clouds and nebulas and so on. Plus having remote controls is good for convenience (if you don’t lose it somewhere in your home). 

For an all-inclusive experience you can opt for the best in the market, the Galaxy Projector  that will offer you all the top features and quality of projection at an incredibly reasonable price.

Enjoy your star light projector experience!


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