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“John, it's late! Time to go to bed!” The child heard his mother's words sadly. He couldn’t count how many times he had to go alone in his bedroom, which, each evening, turns into his biggest nightmare. He sees monsters everywhere and strange creatures he is afraid of. And he didn't know how to tell this to his mother.

His only way of saying that something was wrong and he was scared to go to bed was to refuse to go into his room. And John expected his mother to scold him for it, as always. But this evening, he’s going to have a surprise. A huge one. His mother didn’t mention anything.

Instead of this she came with a small parcel and opened it and the miracle happened: a beautifully colored globe came up from the box.


“Look, John, this is your new Galaxy Lamp!”, said the mother, placing the beautiful rounded globe on its support. And when she turned on the light, the whole room was filled with a magical and relaxing blue light.

John watched fascinated as his mother pressed the small button and the lamp changed color to a dark blue, turning also the whole room into a deep universe, with dozens of planets and stars. Then pressed again and the color changed for the second time. This time, his room was completely green. The only permanent signs he could see were the stars projected on his walls. Pressed the small button for the third time and the galaxy lamp shade became red. Also, his entire room.

“Cool!” – John thought. I’m on Mars.   


Galaxy lamp shade


And then he started to dream, helped by the music that had begun to be heard in the background. Observing the fascination of her child, the mother thought to combine the different colors of the Galaxy Lamp lights with John's favorite sounds, hoping that he would relax and fall asleep faster.

And so it happened. The child started to dream that he was an intergalactic soldier, having the mission to save the Universe. When the lamp light was red, John imagined he was on Mars, trying to save the planet from a whole catastrophe.

And so, color by color, John imagined he was traveling from planet to planet, exploring the whole Universe. The mother looked at the astonishment and delight appeared on the face of her child who, suddenly, had completely lost his fear, and was now carried into a fantastic world of imagination and creativity.


Then she thought of taking the next step and seeing if she could set the lamp as a night light. She was delighted to find that the Galaxy Lamp came with 3 different color intensity settings and adjustable brightness, which allowed it to better adapt to John's needs. Set the lamp to "fade" mode and watched with pleasure as the child's eyelids became heavier and heavier and the words rarer, until he fell asleep completely.


Galaxy Lamp colors


Next, the mother wanted to discover the other features of this little miracle and she felt as if she had held the whole Universe in her hand.

She changed the music and surprisingly, she plunged in a state of relaxation rarely encountered before. The woman took a glass of wine, covered her feet with a warm blanket, and was amazed how a small ball of light could serve several purposes: an interesting fall asleep method - and night light for her kid and a relaxing way for her to end a stressful day. 


She was suddenly smiling and thought it would be the perfect gift for her friend who enjoyed so much to visit the planetarium, even since their childhood. And with this galaxy projector lamp, she could bring the planetarium into her house.



On short, the conclusion of this story is:

Galaxy Lamp is the best lamp to transform anyone’s evening or night in the most relaxing and comfortable experience, under a starry night. Even if it has small dimensions, it is powerful enough to provoke anyone's imagination and begin to carry him into a world of dreams and intergalactic enchantment. Thanks to the 16 colors, the whole background changes and you can easily transport yourself to another planet, helping you to imagine the entire universe in a completely different light.


And this is just the beginning!

Pair the rogue galaxy alluring lamp with your favorite tunes (maybe some relaxing ones?) and you’ll experience an unimaginable bliss of calmness, relaxation and chill out even before you know. 

Its rugged surface and the high-fidelity images provided by the NASA satellites are similarities with the real stars out there in the universe. Not to mention the incredible details are a sure way to steal your heart, even if you are a space fan or not.   

At the same time, the three lighting modes allow you to set up as a night light, playing light or as an ambient light. If you use it with batteries, the Galaxy Lamp will work up to 10 hours (which is the battery life), but if you want to have it always on, you can use it while it’s plugged in. You may also opt for one of the two sizes – 3in and 6in (8 cm and 15 cm).


The Galaxy Lamp – A Fascinating Way to Explore the Universe  #galaxylamp night lights galaxy lamp shade projector room galaxy lamp stars design aesthetic

Don’t lose any more time and get this incredible lamp to enlighten your space while bringing inside the outer space. 

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